This program is a great opportunity for me to be trained for developing medical devices and technology... see more

Zahra Torbatian | phd candidate

A Biomedical Career for the Future

This program utilises the well established Biomedical Engineering curriculum and partners with the School of Management here at Dalhousie University. It bridges the existing gaps in training between excellent biomedical engineering training, innovation and commercialization.

We are offering an integrated training program combining educational courses and direct exposure to clinicians and the medical device industry.

  • Providing you with an understanding of the clinical environment and focussing on identifying clinical requirements and gaps for biomedical device technologies.
  • You will develop knowledge and skills in the areas of intellectual property, regulatory and product financing.
  • You will be equipped with the knowledge required to choose the right technology for the market; to build medical technology businesses and to become effective members of interdisciplinary teams for developing and advancing biomedical devices to commercialization.
  • We are producing graduates skilled in technology and business by utilising the biomedical engineering curriculum; research training in partner laboratories; ongoing exposure to both the clinical and industrial communities through industrial placements and internships; and formal training through new course work aimed at better understanding industry, business, regulatory and clinical practices.