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Zahra Torbatian | phd candidate

Novel Training Opportunities Masters

Novel Training Opportunities Masters

Are you looking for a Masters program? Are you interested in committing to a training program which combines and develops skill and knowledge in Biomedical Engineering, clinical technology needs, engineering professional skills and entrepreneurship?

As a Biomedical Engineering MASc student, you will be required to take a minimum of 6 courses, 4 of which must come from the standard BME curriculum. BMNG 5210 is a requirement for all students. BMNG5310, 5320 and 5050 are additional requirements for students intending to obtain the BioMedic certificate. Therefore the requirements for BioMedic students are:

  1. BMNG5210 - Biomedical Instrumentation, Data Acquisition & Analysis
  2. BMNG5110 - Biocompatibility and Biomaterials Design *or*
    BMNG5260 - Diagnostic Imaging & Radiation Biology
  3. 2 other courses from the BME approved course list
  4. BMNG5310 - Entrepreneurship and the Business of Medical Technology I
  5. BMNG5320 - Entrepreneurship and the Business of Medical Technology II
  6. BMNG5050 - Clinical Technologies (this is a non-credit course)

To see full listing of courses available and their descriptions click here